Ok my posts are so cringe oof- Why did I even make this thing!!!
ok I'm not gonna delete these but I'll ppost my journal spreads
WARNING:some of them are not original ideas

Samsung~I'm Loyal~

Samsung ppt

Yup I'm a Samsung Enthusiast People
Since the Beginning
Since I was ...........................................
Wow! Definitely along time
Inspire the World. Create the Future
Samsung Galaxy S9 ~Camera Reimagined~

Cover Edit

Hi! I'm back and I need your opinion on my edit and do you like it
it's in wattpad book cover format
SO How is it ?? If anyone IS reading it that is Regards, Laiba

Happy Valentine's Day my Friends

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my friends

Monster -EXO (Chinese Version) I Love these lyrics

Monster -EXO (Chinese Version) She got me gone crazy
Mei li rang xin zhan li
Ni duo xiang hua li de Goddess
Guan zai meng li Yeah yeah
Wo ba xin qiao da kai wang ni xin li qu
Zhe yi ye yin xing de ci ji
Feng kuang shi jie hao qi yi xie 
Laiba xian ru ai de kuang ye (MY name YASSSSSS)KAI
Don’t be afraid
Love is the way
Shawty I got it
You can call me monster

I’m creeping in your heart babe
Zhe ai qing ba ni qin shi bing tun diao
Ai tou zou kuai le jia yan lei
Ye xiao mie ni de ai
Xin zhong huo yan lao yin xia wo
Ai bei liu zai shi ji yi hou
(Come here girl)
You call me monster
(You call me monster)
Ting jian le ma xin zhong de xing

She got me gone crazy
(Oh yeah, she got me)
Hu xi dou yi mi li
(Oh yeah, oh yeah, she got me)
Na zui yi bu zhi le duo jiu
Xiang nian zhe ni jiu hui shi kong
(ai you xie ke wu)
Mo ming de bei ni xi yin
That’s right, my type
Zhe yi ye liang ke xin zhan dou

Ling hun fen lie shen ti li mian
Wo zhan zai wei xian de bian jie
Don’t be afraid
Love is the way
Shawty I got it
You can call me monster

I’m cr…

My Drawings

I know they are not that good but I want to share them so this weird weight on my heart lifts off
so Here

Ignore the random logos


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So me and my friend create…